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UN Human Rights contributes to 2024 annual EU Rule of Law report

In 2024, as in previous annual exercises, the UN Human Rights Office for Europe contributed to the targeted stakeholder consultation held by the European Commission for 2024 in the context of its annual rule of law report.

On 22 Apr 2024

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The United Nations Human Rights Regional Office for Europe’s (ROE) primary function is to advance human rights in the European Union (EU) through technical assistance, advocacy, and reporting on human rights, based on the recommendations of UN human rights mechanisms. the Regional Office works to address human rights gaps in EU legislation, budgeting and policy-making, seizing the impetus created by the Sustainable Development Agenda. In addition, the Regional Office strives for the integration of a human rights-based approach in EU external action, migration policies and development cooperation. The Office further fulfils an outreach, liaison and good offices role between the UN Human Rights Office globally and the EU institutions.

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