How we make a difference 2014

Human Rights Day Celebration in Brussels 2014
On 10 December every year, we celebrate the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We remind each other that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights – but also that there are many challenges in the world that continue preventing many people from the full enjoyment of their human rights.
Fifth “Forgotten Europeans” event focuses on rights of persons with psychosocial disabilities
The human rights of persons in institutional care is one of the key human rights challenges in Europe today. Over the past five years, OHCHR’s Regional Office for Europe has sought to bring attention to the challenges that these persons face through a series of events entitled “Forgotten Europeans”. The fifth event in this series took place in October 2014, and pioneered a human-rights-based approach to persons with psychosocial disabilities.
OHCHR Regional Representative visits migrant and Roma inclusion projects in Portugal
On his mission to Portugal, the OHCHR Regional Representative for Europe urged the Government to maintain and further develop its remarkable system of support to migrants regardless of their residence status and empowering, non-coercive approach to integration. He also offered OHCHR's active cooperation on policies aiming to overcome entrenched social exclusion of Portuguese Ciganos (Roma).
Human Rights at International Borders
In An increasing flow of migrants are undertaking perilous and dangerous journeys to reach European shores. So far this year, more than 165,000 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean, compared to 60,000 last year, and over 3,000 have died or are missing at sea.
Madrid colloquium addresses Roma segregation in housing
In Madrid colloquium, Governments and civil society engage in “Chatham House rule” discussion on Roma housing segregation and de-segregation policies.