How we make a difference 2012

“My voice counts” – Brussels celebrates Human Rights Day
Human Rights Day is celebrated in Brussels by screening of awarded film dealing with Chilean plebiscite on Pinochet’s Presidency. The creative director of the 1988 “No” campaign, Eugenio García, and other past and present activists discuss the way in which people can make their voices heard even in extremely challenging circumstances. Panelists speak of a contest between hope and fear. They stress the importance of reconnecting with oneself and of seemingly small ways of resisting oppression.
High Commissioner warns of negative impact of austerity
In her keynote speech to the EU’s Fundamental Rights Conference, High Commissioner Pillay addresses issues of access to justice in economic crisis and the impact of austerity policies. At the EU-NGO Forum, she speaks about the need for a universalistic approach to human rights.
European Expert Group stimulates transformation of care services in Europe
High Commissioner Pillay expresses support to European Expert Group on Transition from Institutional to Community-based Care, which advocates for changes in use of national and European funds in care of children and persons with disabilities.
Rome colloquium addresses key challenges of Roma inclusion
Representatives of 20 European States, civil society and the UN discuss human-rights-based policies and Roma active citizenship at an OHCHR-organized event in Rome.
High Commissioner Pillay speaks against discrimination in Brussels
High Commissioner Pillay speaks in Brussels at a conference on Non-discrimination and Development, focusing above all on rights of LGBTI persons.
Getting a Life - urgent call for independent living
On the 7th of May 2012 the OHCHR Regional Office for Europe organized a colloquium on the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities and EU Structural Funds.
Roma civil society to contribute to UN health project
Roma Civil Society to contribute to UN health project On 30-31 January 2012, OHCHR hosted the first meeting of the Roma Civil Society Contact Group on the Right to Health as part of the inter-agency project “Scaling up action towards MDGs 4 and 5 in the context of the Decade of Roma Inclusion and in support of National Roma Integration Strategies”.