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International Roma Day 2018
Today is the International Roma Day, an opportunity to celebrate and reclaim Roma culture and history. It is also an opportunity to draw attention to the consequences of anti-Gypsyism, which is a specific form of racism against the Roma, and to combat it.
Guidance from UN Human Rights Mechanisms on human rights of migrants, asylum-seekers, refugees and stateless persons
The United Nations human rights mechanisms have recently adopted several reports, statements and documents to clarify the human rights of migrants, asylum seekers, refugees and stateless persons.
UN Agencies and Civil Society Organisations' joint statement: Coercion of children to obtain fingerprints and facial images is never acceptable
BRUSSELS (28 February 2018) - We, the undersigned civil society and UN organizations, are concerned by proposals now under consideration as part of the ongoing reform of the Common European Asylum System which would allow the use of coercion to take the fingerprints and facial images of children.
Will the EU Multi-Annual Financial Framework Post-2020 (MFF) be used to close human rights gaps in Europe?
The paper, which is entitled “European added value” – according to the principle that calls on the EU action where it can add value to the actions of its Member States –, examines the human rights risks and opportunities for the Multi-Annual Financial Framework Post-2020, also referred to as MFF Post 2020.
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